Sognefjord Gjestehotell
6894 Vangsnes, Norway
Tlf: +47 57 69 67 22
Fax: +47 57 69 62 75

Feriehus til leie


Sognefjord Guesthotel is nicely situated near by the ferry quay. From this quay you take the ferry across the fjord, to Hella and Dragsvik, Balestrand.
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From Oslo

By car: over Hemsedal - Filefjell - Lærdal (alternatively across Hol - Aurland) through the world's longest tunnel to Aurland - Vinje, then you take to the right to Vangsnes.

By train: from Oslo to Voss, and bus from Voss to Vangsnes.

From Bergen

By car: Bergen - Voss - Vinje - across Vikafjellet to Vangsnes.

By expressboat: from Bergen by expressboat to Sogn.

By train: from Bergen to Voss, and bus from Voss to Vangsnes.

From Trondheim

By car: You take the Highway E6 from Trondheim to Otta, then you cross the Sognefjell (highway R55) to Sogndal and Hella. Ferry from Hella to Vangsnes.

By bus: go by the express bus between Trondheim and Bergen, but leave the bus at Lavik, then enter a local bus to Dragsvik/Sogndal. And go by the ferry to Vangsnes.

From Kristiansand

By car: from Kristiansand across Haukelifjell then to Kinsarvik an by ferry Brimnes - Bruravik, and finally across Vikafjellet to Vangsnes.
Nærbutikken Vangsnes
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