Sognefjord Gjestehotell
6894 Vangsnes, Norway
Tlf: +47 57 69 67 22
Fax: +47 57 69 62 75

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Sognefjord Guesthotel
In the Heart of the Sognefjord. Where snow-covered mountains with white waterfalls are reflected by the fjord. In no other places you can experience so much of the Sognefjord.
Sognefjord Guesthotel is nicely situated near by the ferry quay. From this quay you take the ferry across the fjord, to Hella and Dragsvik (Balestrand). Vangsnes is a village located in the municipality of Vik in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. Here you will find a wide range of activities and experiences. A stone's throw away from the hotel you can see the huge statue of Fridtjof the Bold. The park around the statue has great views. There you can enjoy the Sognefjord with its beautiful scenery, surrounded by snow-capped and majestic mountains. A scenic experience out of the ordinary. Vangsnes is also a very good base for day trips in and out of the Sognefjord.


Sognefjord Guesthotel is a comfortable and inexpensive choice of accommodation. Our guesthotel is a family run hotel. We are aiming for pleased guests who enjoy themselves at our hotel.

Sognefjord Guesthotel:
G-floor: Grocery and souvenir shop
2nd floor: Restaurant
3nd floor: Sleeping accommodation
Overview of Vangsnes. Click image to view larger version.


Redecorated rooms, with view of the Sognefjord and the beautiful Kvinnefoss on the other side of the fjord.

• All of the rooms have bathroom included
• Familyroom for four people
• Extra bed for children

Dining room

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our dining room. The restaurant i available for both hotel guests and guests not staying at the hotel. All rights!

We also serve lunch for arranged tours. Please, contact us and we will give you an offer which can be compared with the best you find.

The Fjord Pub is open every day until 1 am. You will find a nice à la carte menu.

Our restaurant's speciality is Norwegian dishes of fish, inspired by local tradition. Different Norwegian and international dishes of meat can also be served. We like to satisfy our guests in the best and most friendly manner.

Grocery store

Welcome to Joker Vangsnes! Joker is a local supermarket chain that offers everyday consumer goods, as well as "Tipping" and home delivery of groceries.

We guarantee that you always get newly baked bread, no matter when you come. When we run out of bread, we will bake one for you while you wait. And you can not wait, you get a half-baked bread free as you can bake yourself as an apology.

We are open on Sundays and extended hours in the summer.

Travel routes

To get to Vangsnes from Oslo and Bergen/Stavanger, you take road 13 from Vinje/Voss over the beautiful Vikafjell coved with snow in June and July. This is the right place for people who prefer real nature!


Daily express boat-service on the Fjord. Daily bus and train-service to/from Bergen and Oslo. It takes 3 hours to drive from Bergen Airport, Flesland to Vangsnes.


The Jostedal Glacier is only one hour's ferry-tour away. You come to Fjærland and Norsk Bremuseum, a museum which illustrates and explains the global heating. Our guests have been very satisfied with this day trip.

Jostedal Glacier Centre is not far away: A two hour's drive. You can also go by bus.

Day trips by express boat to Flåm/Gudvangen (Nærøyfjord) and then you go by Flåmsbana to Myrdal and Voss, and you return by bus over the Vikafjell.


The middle and inner Sognefjord has a drier climate than at the coast. A middle ground of West Norwegian and eastern climate - less wind and less rain. In the winter we enjoy the warmth of the Gulf Stream. Medium temperature in winter is about -5 C to +13 C). In summer an average of 14 C (approximately + 12 to + 30C). We have approximately 70% less rainfall than Bergen
Velkommen til Vangsnes
Vangsnes - natur
Vangsnes - natur
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Vangsnes - ferge
Vangsnes - foss
Vangsnes - foss
Nærbutikken Vangsnes
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