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Aktiviteter rundt Vangsnes

Activities near Vangsnes

The scenery of Vangsnes is both beautiful and changeable. The mountains, the fjord and the hillside complete ones impression of the landscape. In the mountains you will find fantastic sights on the fjord and the villages around it.  Excellent lakes for fishing.


The area around Vangsnes offers great hiking, here there are about 40 marked trails. At least 14 of these are marked by new national standard
From the highest mountaintop (Rambera 1638 m.o.h.) you can see far west to the North Sea, the Jotunheim in the east and the Jostedalsbre in the north. There are marked paths, and on maps you will find excellent lakes for fishing. Organized trips to the glacier Fresvikbreen, contact the Tourist Office for more information.

You can buy a tour map for Vik at Sognefjord Guesthotel.
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Boat rental

We offer a boat for rent – 14 feet, 9,5 hp engine. The fuel is not included in the price.
Per week (7 days) 1200,-
Daily rent 400,-


You will find good fishing opportunities in the area of Vangsnes and Vik. Here it is good possibilities to catch salmon, trout, cod, halibut, brosme and common ling. Harbour porpoise (a dolphin-sized whale) is a common sight in the Sognefjord. In the summer porpoises grazes for sprat, the fjord is full of sprat. Poroises appear in groups of 5–10 , and they are hunting together.

Catch of salmon and trout the river Vikja. The river is among the best salmon rivers in Sogn.

Catch possibilities:
Deepwater fish catch on bait (normal catch haul line ca. 250–300 m deep):
blue ling, brosme, gray ling, rock salmon, dogfish, rajiformes, grenadiers etc.

Shallow water 20–150 m:
Halibut, cod, coalfish, plaice, monkfish.

Near the surface of the water:
Salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sprat.

Best fishing time:
Halibut: May–September
Mackerel: July–september
Salmon/Trout: May–September
Deepwater fish: all year, but best in autumn
Fishing rod for rent, price per day 150,-
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Bicycle rent at Vik Tourist Office. Bicycles can be rented for a certain amount of hours or a whole day.

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